3 Steps to Avoid Cloned Facebook Accounts

How many times have you received a Facebook friend request from someone who is already your friend? We often think our account has been hacked, however it is more likely that your Facebook account has been cloned. This occurs when someone creates a new Facebook account, copies your profile picture and begins to invite all of your friends to be their friends. Hackers and criminals often use this method to send malicious messages and links.

When you receive a friend request from someone who is already your friend, you should never accept the request. Rather, report it to Facebook and also your friend.

Here are some simple steps I have used to help prevent cloned accounts:

1. Click on the Friends tab from your Facebook profile.



2. Click the edit pencil.



3. Change your “Who can see your friends list?” setting to Friends or Only Me.



This will prevent non-friends or cyber criminals from seeing your friends list and inviting your friends to like their fake profile. I have used this method on multiple Facebook accounts and had great success.

Do you have other methods you have used to prevent duplicate accounts?




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