4 Free Ways to Increase your Digital Presence

Have you ever googled your church? What did you find? Today, most people will┬áresearch a church on the internet before they ever step foot inside the church building. We need to make sure we have a visible digital presence. A couple of years ago, my husband was preparing to speak at a church and turned … Read more

Free Images

10 Favorite Sites for Free Images

There is no question that images boost post engagement. Some reports say┬áposts with images receive 94% more views. With that in mind, the easiest thing is to search Google for an image to add to each post, right? Not quite. Before you post an image, you must make sure that we have the rights to … Read more

Copyright and the Super Bowl

4 Things to Remember Before Showing the Super Bowl at your Church

Are you planning a party to watch the Super Bowl? Food. Friends. Football…and fun! My house is always full of activity for big football games. What a great time for friends and family to get together! Many churches have also begun to use this occasion as an opportunity for outreach and fellowship. As churches plan … Read more

Cloned Facebook accounts

3 Steps to Avoid Cloned Facebook Accounts

How many times have you received a Facebook friend request from someone who is already your friend? We often think our account has been hacked, however it is more likely that your Facebook account has been cloned. This occurs when someone creates a new Facebook account, copies your profile picture and begins to invite all … Read more

Why Can’t I Use This Image?

When printing full-color documents such as brochures, business cards or postcards, it is very important that high-quality images are used. Otherwise, images may appear distorted, grainy or blurry, and will reflect negatively upon your business. So, how do we avoid fuzzy images? Image Resolution All images must have a minimum print size resolution of 300 … Read more