Why Can’t I Use This Image?

When printing full-color documents such as brochures, business cards or postcards, it is very important that high-quality images are used. Otherwise, images may appear distorted, grainy or blurry, and will reflect negatively upon your business.

So, how do we avoid fuzzy images?

Image Resolution

All images must have a minimum print size resolution of 300 dpi. What does this mean? Without getting into all of the technical details, I have provided the following chart as a general guideline.  Each camera is different, and values vary depending on the camera settings, however this can be used as a “general rule”.

Megapixels File Size Approx. Print Resolution Unedited Print Size
2 2 MB 1600 x 1200 4” x 5.44”
3 3 MB 2048 x 1536 6.82″ x 5.12″
4 5 MB 2464 x 1632 8.21″ x 5.44″
6 8 MB 3008 x 2000 10.02” x 6.67”

Image resolution is based on the image size in the printed document. Cropping or editing images will affect image resolution.

Can I use a smartphone? While it is not recommended that you use a smartphone camera for images to be used in print design, sometimes it is the most convenient method. When using a smartphone, please make sure your camera has a resolution appropriate for your project. Smartphone cameras must be set on the highest setting. Also keep in mind that images taken from the internet, Facebook or other social media sites are rarely acceptable for printing and are subject to copyright restrictions.