2023 Social Media Benchmarks for Nonprofits

2023 social media benchmark report

The RivalIQ 2023 Social Media Benchmark report has been released and brings great news for nonprofits. This annual report samples social media metrics across 14 industries and analyzes over 5 million posts and 9 billion likes, favorites, and comments to formulate benchmark data to help boost social media performance.

There is good news for nonprofit social media trends! In 2022, nonprofits had above-median engagement rates across all channels and posted more often than other industries, especially on Twitter. Videos proved popular on TikTok, but not so much on Facebook and Instagram.

Here are some key takeaways to help boost social media engagement.

1. Post Frequency and Engagement

Overall, post frequency is on a decline. While Instagram stayed stable, Twitter and Facebook were down. With 5 posts per week, Instagram receives the biggest bang for your buck with a .637% engagement rate.

TAKEAWAY: Don’t be afraid to play with posting frequency to try to replicate these stellar engagement rates with fewer posts. Does increased frequency increase engagement?

2. Types of Posts

There is no ignoring the fact that TikTok is the king of engagement at a stellar 7.36% engagement rate. Videos are driving engagement on the platform and are making an impact on Instagram and Twitter as well.

Although videos are popular, photos earned top engagement rates on Facebook and Instagram for nonprofits this year, with Instagram carousels leading the way. Photos were shared 4x more than any other post type this year.

TAKEAWAY: Experiment with video. Tell your nonprofit’s story. Why do you do what you do? What impact are you making?

3. Hashtags

When it comes to holidays and current events on Twitter and Instagram, don’t forget your hashtag! Utilizing hashtags like #comedy and #behindthescenes produced some epic posts on TikTok as well. It will be worth your time to research hashtags and trends with tools like ChatGPT and TikTok trends.

TAKEAWAY: If you aren’t using hashtags, give them a try! Find solid hashtags based on keywords that are relevant to your post and watch them work.

In a time where the overall effectiveness of social media has come into question, it is good to know that there is a bright spot for nonprofits. Effectively utilizing social media takes time, thought, and effort. It is not just simply throwing up a post. However, if you plan well, do your research, and engage online, you can build connections that will take your nonprofit to the next level!