Three Keys to Successful Communication in 2021

When 2020 dawned last year, we had no idea what the year would bring. From lockdowns to riots and calls for social justice, to political debate and loss of precious lives, we have all experienced some level of surprise and uncertainty this year.

For organizations, this has caused us to refocus and refine our message and strategy. We have had to “trim the fat” and simplify our message and mission. With a simplified strategy, we can clearly define our purpose and focus on effective execution.

Over the last year, Connected by Design has worked with clients to develop clear communication strategies that cut through the noise, engage customers, and increase the bottom line. Together, we have:

  • Increased Facebook engagement by 54%
  • Averaged email open rates of 32%
  • Developed digital strategies for churches as they pivoted to church online
  • Provided engaging websites for nonprofits and businesses which boosted donations and increased the bottom line
  • Managed communication teams to develop creative ideas, meet deadlines, and execute effective strategies

As we look at 2021, there are three factors that are key to successful communication:


If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it is that we must be ready to adapt and innovate at any time. Yes, short term and long term planning are still crucial, but we must be willing to adapt and pivot. Social media managers have found that instead of 3-month or 1-year content calendars, they are adjusting content on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. In a noisy digital space, creativity and innovation will set you apart and distinguish your brand from the crowd.


As the coronavirus has accelerated the Work from Home (WFH) movement, it has become essential to decentralize management, meetings, and workflow. Digital meetings via Zoom or Google Meet have become the norm and online conferences have provided more opportunities for training and connection. With the increased popularity of podcasts, live digital events, and online chat, we can expect to see this trend continue to grow.  Most organizations have found that business travel budgets can now be trimmed and allocated to other areas.

Online Connection

According to the Pew Research Center, 90% of Americans are now online. We shop, exercise, play games, work, and socialize—all from a phone, tv, or computer. Although consumers are at home, they still crave person-to-person interaction and are looking for virtual events and online messaging to fill this need.

In 2021, organizations should invest in their online presence beginning with their website and social channels. Your brand can create a personalized, digital connection by emphasizing your core values, creating authentic content, and showing empathy to your clients and community. This year has been filled with broken trust over culture and politics. It is more important than ever that your organization is building trust and developing connections based on values and authenticity.

Although we have turned the page on a new year, adapting and pivoting is our new normal. Investing in your online presence and creating a trusted digital space for your clients to connect, will set you apart from the rest and help your organization to thrive in 2021!